Dollar Capital should be preceded by Human Capital . Success is about efficient management of Human resources.  We keep on hearing about managing our natural resources and grandiose plans to improve upon them but unfortunately inadequate attention is given to the master resource which has to manage all other resources - Human Resource. HR Power House is a Human Capital Management Organisation. https://www.facebook.com/pages/HR-Power-House/194889733868984 .

 HR Power House is about Human Resource and its most efficient  management through its Refinement. We subscribe to the TRAIT THEORY and response analytic - Psychometric.  It ascribes all individual from the infancy through youth and old age, over 100 traits which are subjected to RESPONSE & Psychometric Analysis for gaining a quantifiable insight into individual minds. The wholesome understanding thus gained, can be spun off to multi-faceted usage IN THE FIELD OF HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT - one of them being the all-important start point of any human development through Trait alignment, heralding unprecedented success and genuine unleashing of potential in an individual.  

We leverage our Theory, Methodology and insights to bring in major solutions across Industries - Education, Corporate, Defence and Individuals. For our unique offerings/solutions - Please click - Sectorial Presence.

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